Ann Loscombe was born in London and worked in Bermuda and Australia before settling in Warwickshire. She studied for a BA(Hons) Fine Art at Coventry University and gained her teaching qualification at Warwickshire College.

Her work focuses on public engagement, often relating to global issues which she applies at a local level.

Ann has collaborated with various organisations and institutions such as The University of Warwick, The Woodland Trust and The Wildlife Trust as well as Warwick Horticultural Institute and the Warwickshire Library Service.

The written and spoken word are very important in her work. She uses photography, drawing and collage to create artworks that enhance her research and define her projects.

Paper and books feature greatly in Ann's work, both in her research and finished artwork. She has decided, therefore, to add a new Paper Art section to this website to highlight her love of paper craft. She combines her origami skills with paper from around the world to create beautiful things.